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Tips for visiting a NACAC National College Fair this weekend in Miami

Tips for visiting a NACAC National College Fair

• Plan your strategy. Have in mind some schools you want to examine. Get a barcode label on the NACAC website so colleges can scan your information. These save you the time of manually filling out numerous cards.

• Ask college representatives about things like: What are the most popular majors at the school, what research do faculty members do in your possible major, and what extracurricular activities are available.

• Write down your notes and impressions before going to the next school’s table.

• At the fair, look at the map to find out where your college tables are located, and plan your visits. Some colleges will be hosting information sessions.

• Consider teaming up with a parent or sibling who can give a second opinion and maybe attend a session about financial aid while you visit another school’s table.

• Browse, and you may be surprised to find the perfect school for you, even if you haven’t heard of it.

• You might feel overwhelmed with information overload after the fair. Don’t just stash away all those brochures in your bedroom though. Take off a day or two, then pull out the brochures. Some colleges will look better or worse than they did at the fair.


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