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Hispanic institute preparing seniors for college

Almost a dozen Alice High School students got a taste of the college admissions process recently when they took part in the National Hispanic Institute’s Collegiate World Series.


Action Steps for Early College Prep

Although many decisions are made during the senior year, it is best to begin the college process early. There are countless details involved in the college admissions process, and gaining the knowledge necessary in a timely manner is crucial to ultimately making the final decision on where you will attend.

City schools looking to build on college admission success

Last year was good and this year will be even better. That’s the promise from the Buffalo school system which helped the college admission rate jump nine points, from 57 percent of graduates in 2012 to 66 percent last year.

Students Ask College Prep Questions That Get Answers

We don’t have time or money to visit some schools I’m really interested in. What can I do?

Study questions value of SAT, ACT scores to universities

No magic formula exists for successful college applicants, but a national study released last week questions the usefulness of required college entrance exams.

Common App changes leadership

In an email circulated this afternoon to member colleges and universities, Thyra Briggs, president of the Common Application board of directors and vice president for admission and financial aid at Harvey Mudd College, announced the departure of the Common App’s long-time executive director, Rob Killion.

Study finds GPA more important than standardized tests

A study released in early February de-emphasized the role of standardized test scores in relation to graduation rates and college GPAs, calling into question the mandated submission of these tests when applying to some colleges. But while the University currently requires applicants submit either ACT or SAT scores, there are no plans on changing the admission requirements any time soon.

Admission standards, planning could improve four-year college graduation rate 

The expectation of being able to graduate from college in four years may be gradually becoming obsolete.

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Steve Light said to counter the trend, the University of North Dakota is moving toward being more selective with student admissions.


Strategic Planning Committee looks into tightening student admissions

SF State could soon tighten the entrance guidelines that give Bay Area students priority admission, while also holding students outside that area to higher admission standards.

The Role Of Parents In The College Application Process

It’s incredibly hard to believe that our kids are heading off to college or are already there. As parents, we reflect on their growing years, our involvement at their schools, at sporting events or making costumes for their plays. As our kids get older, we need to learn to nurture that relationship in different ways, always loving and supportive but not quite as involved. This is especially true during their college prep years while students are living at home. Our temptation to remain equally involved as when they were younger is evident with many. However, allowing your child to conduct the college process independently will help prepare them to be independent when they do go to college.

Deciding Which College to Attend

After all the work in writing college essays, personal statements, preparing resumes, gathering recommendations and doing all the college prep work needed, the waiting is almost over for high school seniors! College admission notices get sent out within the next few weeks and making an informed and correct college choice is crucial.

What every Ivy League college is looking for in its admission essays

Students applying to Ivy League schools find themselves having to wade through a particularly dense morass of conflicting advice. With Harvard and Princeton denying far more valedictorians than they accept, many students are coming to the the disquieting realization that overwhelming academic achievement and stratospheric scores may be not enough. Hence, the hope that a perfect essay might be where real distinction lies.